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Newspaper Directory - country-by-country local and national newspaper guides.

New! Spain News Media - nationwide guide to Spain’s newspapers.

Major International Newspapers - includes top tabloids and broadsheets.

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Breaking News, Developing Stories, News Updates from around the world.

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Magazine Directory - weekly & monthly online magazines newsstand.

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Celeb Gossip Tabloids, Entertainment News, celebrity gossip columns & blogs.

Sports News, Live Sports Coverage, worldwide sports scores, sports columns.

Science & Technology News - environmental solutions and practical inventions.

College News Media - independent student-published newspapers worldwide.

Latest Lotto Results - the latest lottery winning numbers worldwide.

Global Weather News, Live Weather Forecasts live weather updates.

News Quirkies - funny true stories, amusing stories, offbeat and unusual news.

Humour and Satire, Comic Strips - favorite comic strips, classic funnies.

heads&tales - commentaries on Philippine political news, current affairs

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The online international news media outlets featured here cover a broad range of local current events with special reports and commentaries on health and fitness, local and national sports events, biotechnology research, business innovation, consumer electronics reviews, career and employment opportunities, travel and tourism, banking and finance, Wall Street and commodities market updates, diplomacy and foreign affairs, homeland security alerts, immigration issues, taxation, law enforcement, global warming and environmental advocacy, natural calamities and disaster relief, peoples and society, food production, fine dining and haute cuisine, cars and trucks, lotto results . . . plus the latest celeb gossip.

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