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The Philippines News Media Guide spotlights Philippine headlines and other current events via major daily Philippine newspapers plus news blogs, magazines, tabloids and other online news sources for multimedia coverage of breaking news and top stories, with special reports on Philippine politics, national and provincial sports events, favorite Philippine travel destinations, Pinoy show business and Pilipino entertainment, advances in science and technology, regional and nationwide Philippine newspaper penetration, medical tourism, retirement in the Philippines, investing in the Philippines, business opportunities, recruitment for overseas employment, overseas Filipino worker remittances, and more.

Philippine news media covering breaking news, developing stories

ABS-CBN Breaking News
GMA TV Breaking News

Inquirer Breaking News
Yehey! News

Major Philippine newspapers, Tagalog tabloids

Abante Tonite
Business Mirror
Chinese Commercial News
Daily Tribune
Inquirer Libre
Manila Bulletin

Manila Shimbun
Manila Standard Today
Manila Times
People’s Journal
Philippine Business
Philippine Daily Inquirer
Philippine Star
Pilipino Star NGAYON
Sun.Star Network

Philippine news blogs, current affairs blogs

Ellen Tordesillas
Gemma Cruz Araneta / Talking Points
John Nery / Newsstand
Jun Lozada

Manuel L. Quezon III / The Daily Dose
The Opposite of Apathy
RG Cruz

Another extensive guide with links to other active
Philippine political blogs is here

heads&tales - weekly commentaries on recent Philippine
newspaper headlines with special focus on national politics,
countryside development, outstanding achievers, anti-poverty initiatives,
environmental issues - exclusive to
More expensive cheap rice

Philippine weather, traffic and scenery webcams

EDSA at Ortigas Ave., Metro Manila - Panoramic view of one of the world’s longest

avenues showing the EDSA Shrine that commemorates the People Power Revolution in 1986, a peaceful turning point in Philippine history. This live webcam also shows current traffic and weather conditions at the intersection of EDSA and Ortigas Avenue.

Puerto Galera, Oriental Mindoro - Waterfront view from Muelle Pier, courtesy of the     

Puerto Galera Yatch Club. Puerto Galera is one of the world’s top diving destinations.

Pilipino news and entertainment magazines,
provincial newspaper links, overseas Filipino
news media, and other online Pinoy news sites are

Magellan's Travel  


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