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The News Quirkies Directory features amusing quirks in daily headlines, news reports, and quirkies RSS feeds from all around the world including funny gaffes, odd news, accidental humour, funny pranks, offbeat stories, zany antics, weird news, strange stories, bizarre tales, funny photos, strange news, humorous gaffes, offbeat events, crazy antics, hilarious gaffes, extraordinary feats, unusual news, amusing gaffes, quirky stories, odd events, bizarre stories, zany antics, weird news, strange stories, bizarre tales, odd happenings, funny events, quirks in the news, quirks of nature, offbeat news, crazy happenings, and more.

ABC News Offbeat (Australia)
ABC 7 Chicago - Strange News
Annanova - News - Quirkies (UK)
Bizzare London (UK)
Bizzare News
Blather (Ireland)
The Bondage File - SF Chronicle
The Buzz - AZcentral
The Buzz Page
CNN Funny News
CNN Offbeat
Coast to Coast AM with George Noory
Crazy News
Daily Bullsh!t - 8Ball Magazine
Daily Hog
Daily Egg News
Daily Rotten : Weird News
Daily Squid
Dave’s Daily
Dog News
Drew Curtis’
Exploding Cigar
Focus on Weirdness
The Gag Report
Irresistible Headlines - WESH
Latest Odd News -
NakedFly News
The News Bizarre
News of the Odd
News of the Weird
News of the Weird - MSNBC
News Quirkes of the Day

The Obscure Store
Odd Facts
Odd News - Netscape

Oddly Enough - Reuters (UK)
Oddly Enough News - Excite News
Odds and Ends (Nigeria)
Offbeat - ABC News (Australia)
Offbeat - Sky News
Offbeat - USA Today
Offbeat News - Topix
Offbeat and Weird News - City Morgue Gift Shop
Outrageous News Daily - News Junkie
Peculiar Postings - MSNBC
Police Humor
Professor Hex
Quirkies, Strange Crime - Ananova (UK)
Russia Makes It Funny
Shoosh Time
Strange But True - Sky News
Stunning Stuff
The Other Side - News Limited (Australia)
This Is True
Top Strange News - Associated Press
Unusual News - Spirit Caller
Wacky and Strange But True News
Wasted Network
Wee Universe - Unusual News
Weekly World News
Weird - KeralaNext (India)
Weird and Strange News - AOL News
Weird Events
WeirdNews (UK)
Weird News - Big News Network
Weird News - CNEWS (Canada)
Weird News - Eyewitness News Memphis
Weird News - The Mercury News
Weird News - Miami Herald
Weird News - ShowBIZ Data
Weird News - TwinCities
Weird 24 Hour News - News Tribune
What’s The Crack?
Wireless Flash News

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